Multimedia Portfolio

The multimedia portfolio includes a three minute video resume much like a local news feature story, a traditional resume, cover letters and reference letters with highlighted objectives for employment and targeted strengths and interests.

Employment Gateway is designed for the job seeker to show chosen employers (not just any employer) who they are and what they can do all with one click of the mouse. The web platform serves as a tool for storing and sharing job related information for present and future vocational counselors, job developers, job coaches, service providers, support circles and colleagues across systems.


Each job seeker has a separate page.

For security and safety, we do not include the job seekers last name and we omit all addresses. Currently the site does not have a home page and the only viewers are people on the job development team and selected employers for each job seeker.

The integrity of the multimedia portfolio is enhanced by the job seeker personally choosing who will see their portfolio. Job seekers decide what content will be added and if they want the page to be password protected.

While the video is not something that is usually updated, the rest of the written information and photographs can easily be updated and managed any time the jobseeker wants to make adjustments.